What style of makeup do you specialize in?

My signature style is described as “natural to soft glam.” I will ALWAYS do whatever my client’s request, but generally I love a full face of makeup while still looking natural and effortless. My goal isn’t to turn someone into a completely different person, but to ENHANCE their natural beauty :)

What training/education do you have?

MAC trains all of their artists through a week long certification (almost like a mini makeup academy) I received an official makeup certification from the Online Makeup Academy in July 2021 I will be starting the Esthetician’s program at The Art22Academy in November 2023 to obtain my Esthetician’s License

How did you start this career?

ULTA Beauty was the very first cosmetic job I ever had, which fueled my love for makeup! I then got hands on training with MAC Cosmetics and worked there as an artist for 3 years. Ultimately, I discovered that cosmetic retail was NOT my vibe so I quit my job with MAC and became my [...]

What is included in the touch up kit?

BRIDE - Customized lip color sample, oil blotting sheets, loose powder sample, breath mints, lash glue, and makeup remover wipe. UPGRADED BRIDAL KIT - Customized lip color sample, deluxe size lipgloss, deluxe size mascara, oil blotting sheets, loose powder sample, lash glue, breath mints, and makeup remover wipe. OTHER APPS - Customized lip color sample, oil blotting [...]

How long does each application take?

Each makeup application will take between 45 mins to 1 hour depending on the look desired. The more bold the makeup, the longer it will take.

Do you do hair as well?

NO I DO NOT. I was trained and specialize solely on makeup! However, I have several amazing hairstylists that I've worked with in the past that I can refer you to!

What happens if I have very sensitive skin?

WE WILL DISCUSS THIS IN DEPTH before your bridal preview takes place. I will ask you if you are allergic to any ingredients in advance or sensitive to anything that you know of. I will also ask if anyone else in your bridal party has concerns about this as well at that time!

Do you offer airbrush makeup?

NO I DO NOT.  Airbrush is just another method of application such as a brush or a sponge. The liquid foundations I use last just as long if not longer throughout the day. I apply them with a sponge instead of a brush to create a seamless finish without feeling heavy on the skin.