What is included in the touch up kit?

BRIDE - Customized lip color sample, oil blotting sheets, loose powder sample, breath mints, lash glue, and makeup remover wipe. UPGRADED BRIDAL KIT - Customized lip color sample, deluxe size lipgloss, deluxe size mascara, oil blotting sheets, loose powder sample, lash glue, breath mints, and makeup remover wipe. OTHER APPS - Customized lip color sample, oil blotting [...]

How long does each application take?

BASIC PACKAGE will take between 40-45 minutes for the bride and everyone else. LUXURY PACKAGE will take between 1-1.5 hours. 10-15 minutes of this will be the skincare prep.

Do you do hair as well?

NO I DO NOT. I was trained and specialize solely on makeup! However, I have several amazing hairstylists that I've worked with in the past that I can refer you to!

What happens if I have very sensitive skin?

WE WILL DISCUSS THIS IN DEPTH before your bridal preview takes place. I will ask you if you are allergic to any ingredients in advance or sensitive to anything that you know of. I will also ask if anyone else in your bridal party has concerns about this as well at that time!

Do you offer airbrush makeup?

NO I DO NOT.  Airbrush is just another method of application such as a brush or a sponge. The liquid foundations I use last just as long if not longer throughout the day. I apply them with a sponge instead of a brush to create a seamless finish without feeling heavy on the skin.

How soon is the additional artist secured?

ASAP! If I feel like I will need an additional artist after going over wedding details with you, then I will need the total of applications finalized when booking or shortly after. This will allow me to find an artist and secure the date with them. Given that they are freelancers as well, they book up [...]

Will there be a fee for the additional artist?

YES, their time is as valuable as mine is and compensating for that is a must. As I mentioned previously, having them is going make the day 100% less stressful! The fee will be $50 per additional artist and if there is a travel fee involved, this will apply to them as well even if we [...]

Can you provide an additional artist or do I need to find one?

I WILL PROVIDE ONE. If your bridal party is over 8 people or the timing is too tight, I will need to hire on an additional artist. This will not only let you get some more beauty sleep in the morning, but will also ease both our minds to make sure all the applications get done [...]