Bridal FAQ’s



  • When should I book? How do I book?

    WEDDINGS are on average booked anywhere between 12-18 months in advance! By waiting, this can allow others to book your date first. I only take one wedding per date so this runs on a first come first serve basis. To book, a bridal contract must be signed and a $100 non-refundable retainer must be obtained. If both are not received, your date is not secured by me.

    NON-WEDDING appointments must be secured with a 50% non-refundable retainer.

  • Do I need to finalize the number of people before booking?

    It is preferred that you get as close to the exact number of people as possible as I will need to know if I need to hire a secondary artist or not. If an another artist is required, the amount will be finalized once the contract is signed.


  • Do you do hair as well?

    No, I was trained and specialize solely on makeup! However, I have several amazing hairstylists that I’ve worked with in the past that I can refer you to!


  • Can I schedule a preview before booking?

    Previews will only be provided to those that have officially booked with me meaning a contract and retainer was received.

  • When should I schedule the preview & where will it take place?

    I normally do the previews 1-2 months before the wedding date. This may seem too late, but A LOT of things can change if they are done any sooner (ex: hair color, self-tanner, makeup vision, etc.) The closer this is to the actual wedding, the fresher it will be in both our minds.

    They will be held my in-home studio in Fort Wayne, IN. I will send a “Bridal Preview” newsletter outlining the location as well as prep tips :)

  • How long will the preview take? Can others come with me?

    They will take between 1.5-2 hours depending on the package chosen or the look desired.

    One additional person is permitted to come with you to your bridal preview because of limited space. This one attendee CANNOT be a male. This is for my own security since the previews are conducted at my personal residence.

  • Can anyone else besides me book a preview?

    YES!ANYONE that is getting makeup services done on the day of can opt in for a preview themselves. Please note that this will be an additional fee of $90 (same as the normal application).


  • Can you travel to our location?

    I can travel anywhere you need me too, but please take into account that there may be a travel $1 travel fee for each mile round trip.

  • Does anyone need to provide their own products? Can I have you apply my own products?

    You are paying me for my expertise, product knowledge, and the products that I use in my makeup kit. I do not require anyone to do anything except for sit in my chair and get pampered :)

    I can only apply the things that I personally have inside of my kit. I do not know how your personal makeup has been used previously or how it layers with the products that I have. I do not want anything I apply on a persons face causing an adverse reaction or the results not coming out as I intended because of this.

  • How long does each application take?

    Each makeup application will take between 45 mins to 1 hour depending on the look desired. The more bold the makeup, the longer it will take.


  • When do we need an additional artist and why?

    If your bridal party is over 6 people, I require an additional artist. This will not only let you get some more beauty sleep in the morning, but will also ease both our minds to make sure all the applications get done on time :)

  • Will there be a fee for the additional artist?

    There will be a $100 fee for each additional artist. This will cover the communication to find the artist and coordinate both our schedules to make sure everything is perfect on the wedding day. I only hire artists that I have previously worked weddings with! This way I know their work ethic, sanitation, punctuality, etc. I also make sure to hire artists that have a similar style to mine as my style is the entire reasoning behind why many brides hire me.

    If the wedding is within Fort Wayne or surrounding areas, a travel fee will also apply to the secondary artist.


  • Do you offer airbrush makeup?

    No, I only offer traditional makeup. Here’s why! Airbrush is just another method of application such as a brush or a sponge. The liquid foundations I use last just as long if not longer throughout the day. I apply them with a sponge instead of a brush to create a seamless finish without feeling heavy on the skin.

  • Are lashes included for all the services? Will it lower the cost if I don't want lashes?

    Lashes are included for EVERYONE! The cost will not change if someone chooses not to have lashes. Most often after seeing other people’s gorgeous lashes, that person will want them too!

  • What happens if I have very sensitive skin?

    Please let me know of any allergies or sensitivities BEFORE your bridal preview takes place! I will also ask if anyone else in your bridal party has concerns about this as well before each application on the wedding day.

  • What is included in the touch up kit?

    For my brides, you’ll get a customized lip color sample, oil blotting sheets, loose powder sample, breath mints, lash glue, makeup remover wipe, and all essential applicators!

    All others will get all of the above minus the powder.

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