Hi I’m Julie :) I’m SO excited to meet you!


I’m not JUST a makeup artist, but also your BRIDAL BESTIE!

Need some makeup tips? I GOT YOU!

Want to talk about your dream wedding or talk about something juicy? I GOT YOU!

This is no ordinary day, so why settle for an ordinary makeup artist?


  • How long have you been a makeup artist?

    I’ve been a makeup artist for the past 8 YEARS and have spent the last 5 years being in business for myself :) I have LOVED every second of it :)

  • How did you start this career?

    ULTA Beauty was the very first cosmetic job I ever had, which fueled my love for makeup! I then got hands on training with MAC Cosmetics and worked there as an artist for 3 years.

    Ultimately, I discovered that cosmetic retail was NOT what I wanted to do. I made the decision to quit my job with MAC which I thought was my dream job, and started as a freelance artist :)

  • What training/education do you have?

    MAC Cosmetics trains all of their artists through a week long certification (almost like a mini makeup academy).

    I received an official makeup certification from the Online Makeup Academy in July 2021.

    I will be attending an Esthetician’s school in November 2023 to obtain my Esthetician’s License.