5 Common Makeup Mistakes Made By Brides

Doing makeup yourself on your wedding day? No problem! However, you may want to read this article to avoid doing some of these things on your big day!

Mistake #1: Not Doing a Trial Run

You may be thinking, “Why do I need to do a trial? I already know how to do makeup on myself.” OR “I don’t wear much makeup so I can always just think of a look on the wedding day.”

No matter what situation you are in, it’s SO important to do a trial run not only to achieve your bridal look, but also to test products! Yes, you may have your ride or die products that you swear by, but are they long lasting? Are they sweat and humidity resistant? Are they tested for flash photography?

Then the obvious part is that you need to decide on an overall look. This most likely will be more than your normal everyday look. . . but why shouldn’t it be? YOUR GETTING MARRIED! Consider your wedding colors, bridesmaid dress colors, and also what style of makeup you prefer.

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Mistake #2: Testing New Products

As a bride, you may be on the hunt for the ultimate foundation, primer, eyeshadow palette, etc. HOWEVER . . . your wedding day is NOT the time to be testing out new products!

If you are wanting to try out new products for your big day, make sure to test them out WAY before the day actually comes. You definitely do not want to use products for the first time just to find out that they don’t look right on your skin or worse, that you are allergic to them!

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Mistake #3: Wearing Bold Makeup When You Usually Don’t

Most brides want to look like an enhanced version of themselves and don’t normally wear makeup on the daily (or very minimal). You definitely want to make sure your new hubby recognizes you when you walk down the aisle!

Yes, you will definitely need to go a little bit more bold with your makeup for photos, but that doesn’t mean you need to go out of your comfort zone!

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Mistake #4: Forgetting Neck,Chest & Ears

Do you ever see women walking around with a drastically different colored face compared to their neck and chest? Most of the time they’re either using the wrong foundation color OR they forgot to blend down.

Keep in mind that the majority of women will have a different tone to their face as opposed to their neck and chest. It’s important to not only get the right foundation color, but also to blend down the neck and possibly onto the chest to make everything even and natural looking!

This is especially important if you plan on self-tanning for your wedding day (which is extremely common). Your face and ears will always be lighter so don’t forget to put some of your darker foundation color on your ears as well!

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Mistake #5: Wearing False Lashes

This definitely goes against my makeup artist soul, but if you know you won’t be comfortable in false lashes all day . . . then don’t do it! As much as I LOVE when my brides do a full on glam look with lashes, that’s just not realistic for most people.

However, I would strongly suggest trying a natural pair and wearing them all day to test out the waters. If you absolutely hate them by the end of the day, don’t wear them! Just make sure to add some eyeliner and a good mascara to add some drama!

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If you are a bride that is considering doing your own makeup for your wedding, are these things you had considered before? Did any of these surprise you? Let’s start a conversation below!


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