10 Makeup Myths Debunked!

Whether you are a makeup lover or not, I feel like all women have developed some knowledge of makeup over time whether it be true or false. Unfortunately, there are quite a few misconceptions about makeup and I am here to debunk some makeup myths that you may have heard!

1. Makeup will make fine lines and wrinkles disappear

As nice as this would be, makeup is not the end all be all solution. Yes, makeup may diminish the look of fine lines and wrinkles, but it will not completely camouflage everything.

RULE OF THUMB: Makeup can hide color, but not texture.

Since fine lines and wrinkles are not a flat surface, makeup can’t “fill in” the lines without looking super heavy on the skin. This is also the same with acne as well! Acne is opposite of fine lines and wrinkles since it normally sits above the skin. Since it is a raised surface, makeup cannot hide it either.

The only true treatment to signs of aging and acne is SKINCARE! Skincare products are going to be the #1 solution every time!

2. Airbrush makeup will make my skin look flawless

This is honestly one of the most talking about things that I hear as a bridal makeup artist! A lot of my clients ask me what my opinion is on airbrush makeup since it’s a highly sought after application in the bridal makeup industry.

I will be completely honest when giving my opinion: Airbrush makeup is NOT the same thing as photoshop! The makeup photos on Pinterest or Instagram that you may see where a model has absolutely zero pores is Photoshop (an editing software). Airbrushing isn’t the “look” of the skin, but rather an application technique.

In my opinion, airbrushing is just another form of application tool such as a brush or sponge and really has no effect on how the actual application turns out. In fact, airbrush makeup can even tend to sit on top of the skin a little more than traditional makeup (this may make dry skin look even dryer). The end result depends more on the makeup artist’s skill level, the type of foundation they’re using, and the technique they have when applying it.

3. Foundation is too heavy

A lot of times I will hear this from those that grew up with foundations that were very thick and heavy.

However, foundations have DEFINITELY evolved over time and now come in a wide variety of consistencies from tinted moisturizers to full coverage cream foundations.

The rule of thumb with foundations: The thicker it is, the less you use. The thinner it is, the more you can use.

Photo by: Kristine Logan Photography

4. The higher the price tag the better

I think we have all learned by now that just because a product is more expensive than it’s rival DOES NOT mean that it is better! There are plenty of affordable products from the drugstore that are just as good if not better than higher end/luxury products. Most often with luxury brands (Chanel, Dior, Bobbi Brown), you are paying for the name and the packaging as opposed to the product inside.

TIP: There is not much difference in eyeliner and mascara formulas between brands. Why spend $25 on a Lancome mascara when the $12 L’Oreal mascara does the trick?

This doesn’t mean that there aren’t products out there that are worth the investment. You just may need to dig a little and do some research to find out if they are truly worth it for you!

5. Women over 40 cannot wear shimmery eyeshadow

I almost hate hearing this because it’s one of those misconceptions that has been spread around for years! It is true that a ton of shimmery eyeshadow all over the lid may make fine lines and wrinkles (especially around the eye area) look more prominent. That does not mean that you can’t wear it if you don’t want to! When you get a little older, you just need may need to change the way that you do your makeup as your appearance changes.

TIP: Instead of using shimmer all over the lid, try just using a lighter shimmer in the inner corner of your eye or beneath the brow bone! This way, it will not be sitting over an areas that tend to be a little more flat.

6. Makeup clogs your pores

The only reason makeup will ever clog your pores and cause skin irritation is if you don’t fully remove it at night. Yes, it may be an extra step of doing a makeup remover and then a cleanser to get it all off ……but you may thank me later when you don’t have breakouts to treat later on!

Having clean skin when you go to bed at night not only prevents annoying breakouts later on, but also prevents your pillow case from being stained as well! It’s a win win situation!

7. People with dry skin cannot use powder

Believe it or not, but you can! People with dryer skin just have to make sure the skin is fully prepped and moisturized before applying makeup.

TIP: Make sure to use a lighter hand with powder as opposed to packing it on. Find a powder that is more finely milled and not so heavy.

8. Makeup brushes do not need to be cleaned if you’re the only one using them

First off, I understand that it’s a lot of time and energy to spend cleaning your brushes depending on how many you have! I have 2 jars full of them plus my brush belt. Believe me…..I get it! However, even if you are just using your brushes on yourself, it’s SO important to wash them at least once every week if you use them on an everyday basis.

Second, by not cleaning them, you are just cleaning your face the night before just to put all that bacteria back on your face the next morning. Sounds pretty counterproductive doesn’t it? Cleaning your brushes will prevent all the bacteria build up and prevent breakouts in the future.

TIP: I just use a mixture of olive oil and dish soap to get mine clean and then let them air dry! No need to go out and buy special brush shampoos!

9. There is not need to wear sunscreen if makeup has sunscreen in it

This honestly was a shock when I figured this out! I used to buy the IT Cosmetics CC cream for the summer time since it had an SPF 30. I figured it would be a 2 in 1 just so I wouldn’t have to do the extra step. The only thing that these cosmetic brands don’t tell you is HOW MUCH SPF they’re putting in those products.

For example, a foundation may have an SPF 30 in it, but it may only contain a teaspoon of that SPF which wouldn’t be potent enough to actually protect your skin from the sun! Usually, any products with SPF in them have the SPF listed pretty far down in the ingredient list which means that there is not a lot in there.

All in all, you will still need a seperate SPF!

10. Cosmetics do not expire

THEY DO! Cosmetic companies pretty much operate like grocery items and will list their expiration dates right on the packaging. This is usually a marked by a symbol that looks like an open jar with a number written in it (ex: 6M).

As many of you can guess, the number is the shelf life of the product after it is opened and the M stands for months.

Use this as a guideline:

-Face powders & Eyeshadow: 2 years

-Cream products (blush, bronzer, foundation): 6 months to 1 year

-Liquids (foundation, concealer): 6 months to 1 year

-Eyeliner/Mascara: 3-4 months

Photo by Kristine Logan Photography

Did any of these myths surprise you? Which ones did you know about previously and which ones had you fooled? Let me know in the comments below!


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