Are Bridal Previews Worth It?

At this point in time, you’ve done your research and narrowed down your makeup artist for your wedding day (or maybe have a few you are choosing from).

Before you make any decisions, let me tell you that each individual makeup artist has a different policy on bridal previews! Yes . . . this is very confusing for some since there is no standard in the industry when it comes to this kind of thing.

Important Questions to Ask

  • Do you require a bridal preview to book with you? Can I do the bridal preview first and then decide if I want to book? Some artists require a preview to be able to book them and some do not have a preference. Normally, the artist will let you know up front.
  • Is the bridal preview included in the price that you gave me for the wedding day or is it a separate fee? Example: The artist told you wedding day makeup is $150 (pretty pricey, right?) but that includes the bridal preview AND the wedding day makeup. So now the $150 is justified since you’re getting two applications in that price.

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Now you have gotten to the point where you and your makeup artist have discussed their policies and you understand their pricing structure. The question is, are bridal trials really worth the money and time? Let’s go over some pros and cons of bridal trials so you can accurately make a decision with these things in mind!

Pros of Bridal Previews

  1. You will get to meet your artist in person before the wedding. Meeting someone face to face is a great way to see if you two will work together well!
  2. You will get to see the artist’s skill level. This is especially handy if you have not already signed a contract with the artist and you are using the trial as the deciding factor.
  3. You will get to see EXACTLY how the makeup will look on your wedding day! You will be able to work with your artist to create a look that fits you and your personality as well. At this time, you can make any necessary changes so you won’t be dealing with it on your wedding day!
  4. It is less stressful in general. Having a trial just eases your mind in general just so you can have one less thing to think about!

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Cons of Bridal Previews

To be totally honest, there are hardly any cons besides these two things:

  • They are more costly. So many brides are in the position where they really want to do a bridal preview, but their budget will not allow for it. As an artist, I do not want my brides to get themselves in a financial bind over makeup so I definitely understand this!
  • They are not necessary to you. You are the type of person that is not very picky about your makeup look, you’ve seen the artist’s work, and you trust they will do a great job no matter what.

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Bonus Tips!

  • PLAN IT FOR AN EVENT – Try scheduling your bridal preview when you do your engagement photos or your bridal shower. This way, you get the biggest bang for your buck and you now have a gorgeous makeup look for your event!
  • SCHEDULE THEM IN THE MORNING – By scheduling your preview in the morning, you’ll be able to see how your makeup truly holds up throughout the rest of the day.
  • HAVE A PHONE CONSULTATION – If you cannot do a bridal preview in person, make sure to set up a phone call with your makeup artist and discuss what you want for your makeup. The more details the better!

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Overall, I do personally feel that bridal previews are SUPER important when it comes to wedding makeup, but is it a necessity? No. You can definitely live without it if you just cannot do it. I will say that they are very helpful from an artist’s perspective since we can really get to know our brides and give them the best experience that we possibly can, but it’s definitely not a deal breaker!


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