Wedding Prep Timeline: Let’s Talk Self-Care!


6 Months Prior:

Yes, that’s right…..6 months! Long before your wedding, you should be assessing your skin’s current state. Do you have specific areas that are a concern to you? Do you struggle with acne? Is there dark spots or redness that you’d like to minimize?

If you have more severe skin concerns, I would HIGHLY advise you to speak with a dermatologist about what you are experiencing and what you would like your end goal to be. By seeing a dermatologist, they can recommend treatments or products specifically to fit you and your skincare needs. You will most likely need a few months for these treatments to take effect, and sometimes you may have to go back for multiple treatments.

If your skin concern is more on the minimal side, you may not have to take this step!

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4-5 Months Prior:

At this point, it’s time to start gathering information and doing research on what skincare treatments you would be interested in for the wedding day! Skincare treatments are definitely not cheap so make sure you prioritize! What is the most important to you?

Here are some examples:




-Waxing (face/body)


-Laser treatments

-Teeth whitening

IMPORTANT NOTE: Don’t forget to ask the specialists how far in advance you need to book out your appointment(s) to be able to wear makeup for your wedding day. For example: Never get your eyebrows waxed the same day as your wedding if you are getting makeup done! The makeup needs some sort of texture to stick to, and by waxing the brow area, it makes that area too smooth. Plus it can also irritate that area as well if you are more sensitive!

2-3 Months Prior:

About a couple months out from your wedding, start purchasing products to maintain your skin at home! Most skincare consultants at beauty stores will be able to help you to pick out the best products for your skin type and needs. You want to start developing a solid skincare routine and do it daily! Skincare doesn’t work overnight so it’s important to start as soon as you can (products usually take effect in about 60 days).

Here are some examples of skincare routines:

Morning/Day Routine:






Night Routine:

Makeup Remover/Cleanser (Double cleanse if wearing makeup)





Eye Cream

Face mask/Facial Oil

Moisturizer/Night cream

Lip Mask

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1 Month-2 Weeks Prior:

The day is almost here and you’ve prepped as much as you can! Now is the time to do “touch-ups.” Did you go tanning and your tan is fading a little bit? Do you have some brow hairs that need to be waxed again? Do you have that one little breakout that needs to be spot treated?

1 Week Prior:

This isn’t exactly skincare, but this is the time to get your nails professionally done! (If you are opting for it). By doing it a week out, it will give you enough time to get them done, but also will still be close enough to the date to keep your nails looking fresh (especially if you are doing acrylic nails – don’t want those babies growing out on you too quick!).

Wedding Day:

YAY! THE DAY HAS FINALLY COME! You’ve done your skincare routine for the morning and are all ready for hair and makeup………

However, before the makeup artist arrives, I would suggest that you put some kind of cold compress on your eyes to decrease any puffiness or dark circles. Sometimes brides are a little anxious for the wedding and may not get the best beauty rest!

Examples of what to use:

Cold rag

Ice cubes wrapped in a cloth

Backside of a metal spoon

Eye gels (I personally include them them as an added bonus for my brides!)

I would also make sure that you do a lip scrub and then follow up with a lip balm! This may seem like an extra step, but this is your wedding day after all! You want the makeup to go on as smooth and seamless as possible. This includes making sure you exfoliate your lips with some kind of gentle scrub to make sure that any dry patches or dead skin is removed. This step will ensure that the lip product (especially matte lipsticks) will go on smooth, not cling to any dry patches, and last a little longer than they would normally!

Hopefully this helped with your wedding day self-care timeline! If you would like specific product recommendations, comment those down below.


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